Hello, my fellow manga-lovers. I’m FieryNyan, representing 2Q Scanlations. We, in 2Q Scanlations, love manga. We enjoy all types of manga, whether it be the mainstream manga(E.G. Naruto), Ecchi manga(To Love Ru ftw!), and much much more. Yaoi is the only type of manga we will not read. The reason why we started this is because we love manga, and we realized there are tons of awesome manga that are left incomplete. Therefore, we created this group to help translate all these manga, manga which we think should be translated. Currently, this group consist of only two members. Me, Fierynyan, and my best friend LSPI. Without further ado, I’ll introduce both of us.

The first member of this team is me, FieryNyan. I’m a pure otaku, born to live for manga. I started reading manga when I was 4, starting from Doraemon :3. I first started my scanlating experience 2 years ago in the scalation group called “AngryFox”. Back then, I was known as Unknownz77. I started out as a poor little proofreader. Soon, I started the forum for angryfox. However, I was busy in real life and had to leave AngryFox. However, I have returned with my friend LSPI to once again contribute to the world of manga. I’m currently working as every role. Yes, every role. Translator, typesetter, cleaner, proofreader, and more.

The next member of the team is LSPI. His name signifies his initials. He is an avid manga reader too. We’re childhood friends, and we’re pretty close. He was the main benefactor to this group. He suggested we start a scanlation group, and bam, 2Q was born. What kind of manga he reads depends on his mood. If a manga appeals to him, it probably means he feels like it, not because he completely loves it. It’s because of this that he has no favourite, although he highly recommends Mahou Sensei Negima and Sora no Otoshimono for ecchi/comedy lovers and Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn and Fairy Tail for shounen lovers. He’s pretty new, and he’s currently the translator and proofreader. (Also, here’s his steam profile for those who want to know)

We’ve already started a project, Schoolmate, and we have plans to translate at least 2 manga. We will be alternating one series each week, therefore each series will be updated once every 2 weeks, unless we find another translator. We’re currently looking for Chinese and Japanese to English translators, good typesetters, and good cleaners. We mostly deal with either Ecchi or Shounen manga, therefore if you are interested in helping, please send an email to : 2qscanlations@gmail.com

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  1. LOL Oh Hell Yeah I didn’t think I’d ever see another Chapter of this Series, and to seeing that you’ll be releasing it Bi-weekly is even better.

    Also I saw that you said you are planning to work on projects that gotten put on the back burner by other Scan groups I can Suggest a few that are good and are in that Position, though I’m not saying you most do them, for they are only 2 suggestions and they are…

    Ghost Writer- Ecchi- Completed Series 21 chapters in length only 6 are trnaslated and last release was 1 year ago next month

    Go! Tenba Cheerleaders-Ecchi-Completed Series 62 Chapters in length 26 are translated last 3 releases are as follows below, as you see Slow Progess

    26- Apr 14, 2013
    25- Sep 11, 2012
    24- Aug 21, 2011

    And once again Thank-You for picking Schoolmate

    • Hello, Sean, or Avatar. I’m really happy to see your enthusiasm. It’s thanks to people like you that we are able to continue. When we first posted our translation to mangafox, we were discussing about the next project. However, when we received our first fan letter after mangafox approved our upload, we were super happy and excited. My face couldn’t express the joy and happiness I felt. So we were like eff this, let’s just continue this project!! So next week, you’ll most probably have this delivered right up to your doorstep.

      As for your suggestions, me and LSPI will review it. If it seems interesting, we’ll pick them up~FieryNyan

  2. Guys, you have no idea how much this means to all of us. Do not worry, we will do our utmost to translate, complete, and deliver this manga to you weekly. I assure you no disappointment in our work! LSPI

  3. Thanks for the releases. Also nice to see a new scanlation group that isn’t on a high horse and actually offers download links instead of links to a shitty online reader.

    • Hi, Required. Really happy to see someone that appreciates our works 🙂 Haha, we’re actually planning to create a menu to an online reader, though. But no worries. Our download page will still, and always, be up 🙂

  4. Hey guys. I’ve been waiting for the release of schoolmate (way too long), and finally you guys came and my wish came true.. LOL thanks for the schoolmate Chapter8. Wishing you all the best. A download page will came? Yes? Woooooowww. Arigatou Gozaimasu

      • Gee, we’re really glad that we have a fan 😀 thanks for the support!!!. Maybe you can join some of our contest to support us more 😛 ehehehe

    • Hi, iforelskelseyou. I’m really happy to see that you appreciate our work very much. It’s our pleasure to give you the awesome Chapter 8 of schoolmate. There’s already a download page. Check the page called “Projects”. Right under the summary of the manga, there’s a download link.

  5. Hey guys, wish you best of luck! I hope you stick around for a long while. The Schoolmate manga got me hooked, I didn’t know what to expect at first but it’s pretty interesting. Looking forward to some more.

    Since some people put out some suggestions, I would also like to suggest if you can look at the series Kamen no Maid Guy. I always found it a nice combination of ecchi and hilariousness, and it’s been taken and dropped so many times. Anyways, thanks a million for your efforts.

    Also, Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun . : D

  6. hey… good day
    Mind considering getting new manga to translate?
    or you still want to continue this one.. I’m hoping you could continue this and getting a new one..

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